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The CNS and CIM proceed to the repression phase


After two (2) years of awareness-raising campaign, the repression time has come for child traffickers. The National Oversight Committee of Actions for Fight against Trafficking, Exploitation and Child Labor (CNS) and the Inter-ministerial Committee (CIM) with the technical support of the International Office of Criminal Policies Interpol Lyon (OIPC Interpol Lyon ) And the financial support of the  NGO Childsright have decided to chase down child traffickers. The start of this new phase of the campaign against child labor was given on Wednesday 12 February 2014 in the Nawa region through a police operation called Operation Nawa. This operation regrouping all the Security Forces of the region took place in three (03) phases. The first phase consisted of reinforcing men's lattice capacity, and the last two (02) phases consisted of besetting this cocoa-producing area to arrest traffickers. The operation involved 84 individuals, 44 of whom were placed under observation. 3 women are among the 44 people under observation. This round-up took care of 41 children who were taken to the Soubré orphanage. The latter will be supported by the Ivorian government and the NGO "Childsright". It should be noted that of the 44 people put under observation, only a dozen are Ivorian. The majority of them are from Mali and Burkina Faso.

The closing ceremony of this police operation took place on Saturday 15 February 2014 in the youth hostel of Soubré, in presence of the administrative authorities, the military authorities and the members of the NGO "Childsright". The First Lady Dominique Ouattara was represented at the ceremony by Mrs. Yao Patricia Sylvie, Executive Secretary of the CNS. Mrs. Yao Patricia Sylvie, Chief of Staff to the First Lady, Mrs. Dominique Ouattara took the opportunity to highlight the importance for the country to fight against child labor. She recalled that the President Alassane Ouattara placed the fight against this phenomenon at the heart of his government's priorities. In this capacity, he established the CNS and the CIM to address this scourge. She also stressed that the National Action Plan 2012-2014 (PAN 2012-2014) of the CNS and the CIM naturally includes an awareness-raising phase, but also a repression phase. "We are committed to fight. We will not shrink from anything. This police operation is only the beginning of the repression phase, "hammered the representative of the First Lady.

N'Goh Bakayoko, representative of the Minister of State, Minister of Employment, Social Affairs and Vocational Training, Dosso Moussa, also President of the CIM, also recalled that after a long awareness campaign, it is time for repression. He explained that police operations are aimed at removing child victims of exploitation and making them available to social services. The traffickers taken in the theater of operations will be placed at the disposal of the Justice. Michaël Moran, representative of Interpol Lyon thanked the police for the frank collaboration between the different units that participated in the operation. The Commissioner Angui Yeboua Alain, Chief of Operations, presented the stock of actions on the ground. He pointed out that the operation concerned the localities of Soubré; Grand-Zatry; Yabayo; Okrouyo and Meaguy. According to the chief of operations, a strong involvement of foreigners in child trafficking could be explained by the free movement of people and goods, but also by the porosity of the borders and the quest for a well-being in Côte d 'Ivory. Mané Adama, the first vice-president of the Nawa regional council, reminded the Nawa people that the proper place of children is in school and not in the farms. After this ceremony, Mrs. Yao Patricia Sylvie visited the children at the Soubré orphanage. The representative of Mrs. Dominique Ouattara handed the sum of 500,000 CFA francs to the orphanage officials to help them take care of these children.

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Saturday, February 15, 2014