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Chocolate producers projects in DJAHAKRO


A new partnership to fight against child labor in Côte d'Ivoire has been set up between Barry Callebaut and the ICI Foundation. ICI's activities focus on improving the understanding of child labor issues and building the capacity of two cooperatives that are part of Barry Callebaut's Quality Partner program on risk management. The project also includes awareness-raising activities on child labor in the communities of Mossi Carrefour and Djahakro, where these cooperatives are located.

This is part of Barry Callebaut's broader program to improve educational infrastructure in these communities, which aims to provide access to quality education for approximately 450 children. ICI specialist trainers provide in-depth training sessions to the Foundation Board, management and delegates of the Agricultural Cooperative Allakabo de Gly (CAAG) in the Divo region and the Gueyo-Gueyo Agricultural Cooperative (COOPAGG) In the San Pedro region. ICI also provides training for teachers and parents serving on school management committees. Half a day of training is provided on the concepts, causes and consequences of child labor; Risks associated with hazardous tasks; And the identification, prevention and remediation of child labor. Specific training in the use of child labor awareness materials developed by the Foundation is also provided. 32 awareness posters developed by ICI are distributed to each of the cooperatives and community members receive information flyers. Community awareness sessions on child labor will also be organized in eight sections of the CAAG, three sections of COOPAGG and community-based child protection committees established in each section.