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chocolate producers’ projects in the cocoa area


Within the framework of the ICI-ILO Project for the Cocoa Communities in Côte d'Ivoire, entitled "For Cocoa Communities without Child Labor, through an Integrated Regional Approach", ICI supports the efforts of the implementing agencies of the ILO Office Through capacity-building and community mobilization activities.
The Foundation organized two three-day training workshops for the ILO's implementing agencies to strengthen the ILO's capacity regarding child labor and community action planning. 35 members of the ILO implementing agencies, 10 sub-prefects and 9 primary education inspectors have benefited from this training.

As part of the community mobilization component of the Cocoa Communities Project, which covers 40 communities, ICI is currently assisting 24 Ivorian communities in the development, evaluation and updating of their Community Action Plans (CAPs), As well as in the mobilization of resources needed to implement priorities that have been identified. 16 additional CAPs will be developed in the coming months. The ICI Foundation is currently working with other ILO implementing agencies on the implementation of community action plans and capacity building of community-based child protection committees in all communities.

In addition, ICI supports the development of 4 Community Action Plans in the Public-Private Project (PPP) communities.